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Community-Based Enterprises

Testing and installation of wood vinegar production chamber.  The Story:  Socio-Economic Situation in Palawan Known as

The Vital Significance of Marine Turtles

Exploring the Vital Significance of Marine TurtlesMarine turtles are among the ocean's most

Resource Restoration

The Crucial Role of Resource Restoration in Combating Climate Change and Environmental DegradationIn

Our Vision

We at PBCAI (Palawan Biodiversity Conservation Advocates, Inc.) envision Palawan to have healthy and rich natural resources sustainably providing ecosystems goods and services to the local populations thru the dynamic process of resource-proprietorship and sustainable development and initiatives.

How we work

At Palawan Conservationists, we recognize that nature holds the key solutions to critical challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and threats to human health. In order to bring impact, we partner with Local Government Units, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the Academe, and the Communities inclusively.

“Oath-taking of deputized Bantay Pawikan (Sea Turtle Wardens/Defenders) led by the Mayor of Araceli, Palawan

Exploring the Vital Significance of Marine Turtles

Marine turtles play a vital role in marine and coastal ecosystems, helping maintain the health of seagrass beds and coral reefs, which are crucial for other marine life. Despite their ecological importance, these creatures face numerous threats from human activities and environmental changes. 

establishment of community-based enterprises

Community-based enterprises play a crucial role in sustainable development, particularly in ecologically rich regions like Palawan. These enterprises harness local knowledge and resources, providing economic benefits and empowering communities to engage in environmental stewardship. By promoting sustainable practices in agriculture, fishing, and ecotourism, they help conserve and manage biodiversity and ensure long-term ecological health. Moreover, these enterprises foster resilience against socio-economic challenges, reduce poverty, and enhance the livelihoods of local populations, making them essential for balanced and inclusive growth.

Our Goals


The Palawan Biodiversity Conservation Advocates Inc. (PBCAI) is a committed non-profit organization officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC Registration No. CN201738431) since November 22, 2017.

Based in the ecologically diverse region of Palawan, PBCAI is dedicated to conserving and enhancing the area's natural resources through sustainable practices and community engagement.

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Community-Based Enterprises

Resource Restoration

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