From January to December, foot patrolling and monitoring activities in the west coasts of Puerto Princesa City were supported by the organization. Monitoring activities with the Local Volunteers were conducted and assisted in the release of hatchlings in the sites.

A total of 67 nesters were monitored from January to December 2018, which laid 5369 eggs in different nesting sites along the west coast of Puerto Princesa City and part of Aborlan. These eggs were protected in in-situ and ex-situ hatcheries until the emergence of sea turtle hatchlings. From the 5369 eggs found, 826 or 15% of the eggs did not mature due to various circumstances. Some of the nests were damaged by natural animal predators including domestic stray dogs and some nests were reached by the tides during strong rainy days.

Hatchlings released to their natural habitat from February to December 2018 reached 1822 or 67% of the 2738 eggs that matured during the year. As of writing, there are still 1805 eggs in 18 nests that are being monitored in the hatcheries.

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