PBCAI Conservation Campaigns in Palawan


Dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of Palawan, the Palawan Biodiversity Conservation Advocates Inc. (PBCAI) has initiated several conservation campaigns. These efforts focus on marine life protection, ecosystem restoration, and community involvement to promote sustainable environmental practices.

1. Marine Life Conservation:

PBCAI has been at the forefront of sea turtle conservation, particularly in Dumaran and Araceli, where they conduct extensive monitoring and protection of nesting beaches. The "Ridge-to-Reef Ecosystems Resource Management" project, sponsored by the Gerry Roxas Foundation and USAID, highlights our commitment to using seascape approaches to protect these critical species.

2. Plastic Reduction Initiatives:

In response to the threat of plastic pollution, PBCAI has implemented clean-up activities along the west coasts of Puerto Princesa, targeting nesting sites of marine turtles. Funded by SEE Turtles, these initiatives have significantly reduced plastic waste, ensuring safer habitats for marine wildlife.

3. Mangrove Reforestation Projects:

Following Typhoon Odette, PBCAI received a grant from the Forest Foundation of the Philippines to restore mangrove forests in Dumaran. The community-based mangrove forest management project focuses on assessing damage, engaging local communities in restoration, and providing sustainable livelihood opportunities.

4. Waste Management and Reduction Studies:

The Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) conducted in partnership with Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas is another significant initiative. It aims to improve waste management practices in Taytay's barangays, addressing waste reduction and enhancing community participation in solid waste management.

5. Education and Community Involvement:

PBCAI believes in the power of education and actively involves local communities in conservation efforts. Training sessions on waste management, marine life conservation, and sustainable practices empower residents to take an active role in protecting their environment.